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How to - Create a Coaching Plan

Follow these steps to create and share a coaching plan.

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From the dashboard click on coaching tool kit you can either select create new plan or you can view ready-made session plans organized on the left click view plan to open up a session. You will see the suggested drills games aims and time period for this session. To edit the session click copy plan to your personal plans. You can personalize the plan with your own title description aims and details. Don't worry. You can come back and change this at any time click submit to take you to the plan Creator here. You can adjust each detail of the session plan to add training content to the plan select either add 3D exercise or add video exercise. Search the library for the appropriate drill when you have found the right one. Click on add to plan. Once you have added all necessary drills. Click return to overview. The new drills have been added to your plan. You can change the order of the drills and delete those that are unwanted. when your plan is ready click on share you can select a club or group to share your plan with Click Share Plan to send.