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How to create & share coaching plans

This clip explains how to create coaching plans and share them with other people

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how to create a coaching plan once you've logged into our CD if we go into coaching plans, you can kick click coaching plans And there are two sub categories one is our coaching plan Library, which then has a load of subcategories here. So in talking defense, we have SIMPLE templates catching and passing we have some templates. If you go down to the age groups, we also have some templates. Okay, you also then have your coaching plans which are my coaching plants if I click on those but then lists the coaching plans that I've actually put together if I want you to have a look at what I put together for tacking your defense. Okay. So if I want to create a new plan as two ways of doing it one is to go back to the coaching Library select the plan that you like from the from the from the from the list so I might say yes. I like this this plan here, and I'm going to view the plan. So here the steps the plan if I then say I'd like to copy that plan across the my personal plans. We use this marker here click on that. Don't ask me to title that I'm going to call that my test plan the general aims. I can put comments in number of players and then the category that I want that to go in. So I'm actually going to put that in coaching tips. I submit that your back to my coaching plans. I'll find it. I mean coaching tips. I scroll down I should find my test plan. So here's my test plan to edit that plan and go in obviously there's an issue with that video. So I'm going to remove But video from the plan I have the rest of the plan in place if I then decided that I would like to edit this step with my own text. I can put in place that glass and run. And you can see that that text is now coming so I could go through here. I could move this video here up to the first one because that's what I'm going to do first as an example. So I'll now move that one up if I wanted to go and edit that step to say something else the warm-up is going To take etcetera, etc, etc. Submit that and that then allows me to build my coaching plan. Okay. So if I wanted to view this as a printable version of PDF I can print on qlikview printable so you can see that that's a printed version. It's got the description the Ames these are the reminders obviously, they're just pictures and not the actual videos and then we've got some feedback blocks down below for you to comment on to cancel that if I wanted to then add this to my club Library as I'm a member of a club. I can actually add that to the club bribery and what that will do if I click that button that would put that into the category in that I've nominated. Okay. So that is copying across a plan from the library. I want to create a completely new coaching plan. All of our videos have these icons here. So I want to add this to a coaching plan at so coaching plan so I can go into my Sting item number of plant names which the test plan is in there so I could add it to their or I could create a new plan. So I'm going to call this one test. Test to put that into a category. I'm also going to put that into coaching tips. Press go. That's now created my plan and that will have added that in for then go to coaching plants. Click work out your fans. I mean coaching tips scroll down and looking for the test test. There we are is the test test one. So for then want you to go back and I've seen A video that I think is an excellent one. So stay square and fixed offenders. I want to add that to the coaching plan because that's a great exercise. I watched the video. I then want to add it to an existing plan. I click clan name and looking to test test. There's my test test my editing. I press go. That's now added that video. So if I want to have a look at that plan again into coaching plans your coaching plans scroll down. just Chestnut have to videos if I wanted to come in and edit this I don't want you to change something. I want you to review the video. I can click the video play that will go through and then it will actually play the video the way we play the game. We want the ball in hand as much as possible and close that down. I can then set all know. Actually that's going to be the second sign exercise one second. So I'll move that one up into first then want to change the the notes and go in here changing notes as previously but want you to put a duration on it. I could say we're going to do that for 10 minutes submit that that then gives you a 10 minute duration if I set as the total duration of my session, okay, so we're actually going to add this to the club Library add to cover ivory. That's now been added to the truck driver. So if I went into club stuff This is my Rugby Club. I'm going to Club plans these the coaching plans. Here's the latest session. So everyone in my club could go in and actually scroll down here these areas, and they would actually see the latest plan that I put in with. They wanted to view the plan. I click view the plan and they can see what I have planned. So this enables you to design and create your own coaching plans put them into your own coaching area, which is here. Once you've created your coaching plan. One of the things you can do is to share this with other people specific coaches and members in your Club. You can click club stuff. You can go to messages. You create a new message here. Who do you want to share these plans with so I could either go in by squads because I've set up a number of squads in my club or I could go buy individual. So what I would do is I actually send myself a video. So I go in here I click meat add that in. I'm going to add I'm looking for the test test video we've just done. Please see test. Plum I can add some notes in this is what going to do tonight. Please make sure you do this before you come training, etc. Etc. And now I click this box and I want it sent now and then send that gets sent when I go back to my stuff and I go back to the dashboard. I now have anybody that was sent that plan will receive a message. So to view the plan I click here. The message comes up subject Lucy test plan. There's the message view complete plan for click on that. Then bring up the plant and I wanted to watch the video and give the video go in and watch the video. So that's a way of sharing going to the club area. Click on messages. You'll find that there's a message because I've actually just received that so please see the test plan. I can then view the test pan and delete that message accordingly. So that's how you can share coaching plans and sessions with your players your coaches and other people didn't cover.