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Quins - Creating Space & attacking lines

This clip shows the principles of fixing defenders and the techniques used to do so. The coach can progress by using more defenders, varying the space or changing the source of where the ball comes from

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Simple two on one out round the cone back in just 200 touches. nice double pump Go well, it does look. Go. nice double pump good Go left. Good, how do we fix a Defender eye contact where else inside shoulder footwork? How much footwork of we say? No? Okay, you take me out, you know, someone takes you on like this you think other going to try and beat me not always going to give a pass in a minute. Yeah, and that's what takes the emphasis away from your mate who wants the ball? Okay, you're attacking you're defending. Okay, go good. Go go. Nice to have pump good don't go. It's good. Good. Pay scope must Nice good. All right, run this side then go in the other way. Just take the pull out a meter that way take the pull out a meter that way if you would. And so if I go at this space how many Defenders are interesting if I go at this space? What's the decision then? If we can, yeah try and get into here put doubt in both of these mines then I've got the options either side. Okay, I go here. What have I got to do? What's going to happen? Yeah. So I've drawing em second - yeah. So what's the second manga to have? Okay happy with that. So let's think as we come around this corner and we're seeing the options. Let's think about if I'm going down this channel. This man's got a whole depth. I've got to give it a little bit earlier. Yeah, if I'm going here, I'm trying interest both them and then I'm deciding who's going to be open. All right. So let's try and see the same picture as we're coming around the corner go. Nice nice good. Positive action, we knew what we were doing go. Yeah. Good late run. Not through choice though. Last one for this group. Go that big old it opened up the donation on it. Okay, yell as you're attacking Drop touch if you have made the tackle you drop to a knee there will always be two Defenders on their knees. Once the first two tackles have made third. Defender can get up and defend again the maximum of six tackles per attack. We're just trying to create a bit more space so they can you know, go through the phases if they can create straight away and score brilliant, but if not just a little bit of spatial awareness see where the space is going to be see whether Defenders aren't so if you touch you drop to a knee, okay, once the three touches made the third touch the first person can get back up again. So there's only ever two people on their knees. Okay, and it just rotates through you've only got six touches to score the what we're trying to do with this them identify the space pick them up. touch one down skull they're yellow. touch one down touch to down Touch One get up wearing Sean touch that's for tacos. I give you that work. Come on work. Let's go. Come on blacks black ball. One Touch one down To touch two down three you get up want to be up? God, well finished well finished a kick-out touch will have two teams will have six attackers and two Defenders to start with play. Good God classic, 15 to 15. Ready play good. Good Pace. You want to be playing as many games as possible, you know, you wanted to be live you wanted to be inclusive and you want the boys to be enjoying it more and I hope that a lot of the stuff that we do here translates down into into those games and they the live sort of players often as possible.