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L2 - Drop-off Touch

Skill Practice Description • The teams play touch with the ball being passed back through the legs when touched. • The defender/s who make the touch, turn (drop off) immediately and run to their own try line. • These drop off defenders need to realign with the defence as soon as possible. • The attack should seek to take advantage of the space created by the drop off defender/s. • To get maximum effort from the players, it is advised the pitch is not so long that players do not make the effort to realign in defence. • The coach may observe the attacking players moving the ball away from the space opportunity left by the drop off player. It may be that the defence close the space left by the drop off, however this will create space elsewhere. Can the attack find the appropriate space to utilise? Key Coaching Points • Speed in scanning and communicating the spatial opportunity. • Defensive effort to drop off a realign so the defence can cover the primary threat.

Video Subtitles

Okay, guys, we're just going to play a game now where the person who is touched will place with the ball. He will get up and play the ball himself the person who touched him as to retreat to his own try line. Okay, so we'll just play straight away in that vein what you got to make sure that we do as a tack as again look up and communicate where the spaces are and then get bodies correctly positioned to be able to get the ball to that space. play Touch Ed. Come on. Good Square. Touch off you go chili touch if you go nail. Good skull of the bus and second receivers get touched now. It's automatic turnover. Okay play Perry play play. Good Take It Forward touch. Good touch on co2 if you touched him go turnover second receiver react. I don't call just for the sake of it touch. Hurry before you go good. Good off you go George. And will you both touched him? Go square up Tom? Turn over your ball. Tiziana. React Harrison. Don't run across touch know. There's a turnover. Good good. Well played that's nice.