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IRB 7s - Stronger Defences

The statistics showed that defences in the Sevens World Series are improving, and this is changing team's tactics.

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In the 2011-2012 sevens World Series the teams with stronger defenses before we'd better. This could mean that teams now investing more time on becoming efficient Defenders and that more top-level defense coaches are becoming involved with sevens. It's possible that turnovers are now considered more important than set piece. Most of the time teams commit only one player to rocks making a player's technique at the tackle are vitally important. Series when is New Zealand have the highest success rate at their opponents rugs? The Tackle area is very coachable with effective drills and condition games but mastering the basics first is essential. Tackling technique is best taught at a young age. Build confidence by promoting the enjoyment of making a good tackle. progressed slowly to include jacking and turnover techniques