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Sevens - Uncovered - The Coach

What is the role of the coach. In this clip some of the top 7's coaches give some thoughts on what they do and how they see themselves in the make up of the modern 7's squad

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This season on sevens uncovered. We asked what creates success in the seventh game first up the coaches. What makes them tick and what's the secret to their success? I think for me, it's always about the person first in and in the play I think for us it's about the family is just playing for each other and just the other day was respect for each other. I think if your coaching philosophy is grounded on those values and I think you can do well as a coach It's exciting to be part of the series. It's it's really, you know something if we look forward to from year to year and I don't think you know, you ever going to lose your desire to be part of this. This is my lifetime in this other than anything else you need besides the circuit. So I would like to be part of this for many years to come I think sevens is really the greatest team sport in the world Bar None on anything. It has everything that an athlete could want to be tested against I believe that a good coach can transfer his knowledge to the players help them. Not only become better rugby players, but to help them become better men to always strive to be the best that they can be in all aspects of their life and you really reap the rewards when you see your your athletes your players Excel and reach their dreams. Once you face this season is a leaf or netted are a now in charge of rebuilding fiji's fortunes. Rome wasn't built in a day. You've got to believe in yourself. What I wanted to do now is to go with the place feel what they feel and come out with the best things that we can do together. It is one of the rugby crazy country. They can hang any Cuts any time and that's why you have to plan. Well, you know, you have to do a lot of hard work and you've got to have a hot skin also to face all the kids system back home. They just want to see you win and that's it. And what of England's full-timers and the Ben Ryan? My coaching philosophy is for players to be empowered and take the game by the Scruff of the neck and have a simple framework and put all the pressure on them to come up with a good some their decision making their skill processes. This is I love coaching. You're always learning and every day is different in sevens and got to get things. Right and you got to get a role on so substitutions at the right time pick the right players for the right opposition. And that's something you haven't got time to ponder over. You've got a back you instincts and and that's why people like Paul true and Gordon tietjens won World titles. They've been very good at that. Gordon has a tried and trusted formula that nobody can say it hasn't worked and we try to play a game that's different to all of them and challenge the players to become better and really push their boundaries and he's still there. Even after 18 years in charge of New Zealand The Mastermind Gordon tietjens coach Stephen because of the patient. I love it and it's great to launch young players careers in the seventh game. You got to have a passion for it. And with that you've got to have lots of enjoyment that the city lots of pressure and coaching. I was the enjoyment of promoting players that the my case for some of those younger place to come all the eggs. Go to look at lots of different coaches in different ways coaching different sites, but we're all different. We all got different coaching Styles and but it's great also identify their coaching Styles and crabs plans and what they use sometimes and your own but it's looking to be much more proactive and looking to keep ahead of everyone else and looking at different systems. And sometimes that you've leave can assist your team and winning a World Series. I love the way he scours and looks at different things and tries to continue being Innovative, you know, you almost like to take little things from each coach while still maintaining your autonomy and your individualism is it, you know, you can never be at engines or a true. You got to set your own your own sales going forward, but you could learn a little bit from each.