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Sevens - Uncovered - The Playmaker

This footage outlines the importance of "decision making" in seven's. The top sides have players with a variety of skills but to be consistent performers teams require a playmaker who has the vision and tactical acumen to manage team tactics "On the move" and the ability to create opportunities out of nothing

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This looks it takes this is the way to go play makers are some keyaki at the heart of every great sevens team. There is a sevens brain the coaches eyes and ears out on the pitch your Playmakers a hugely important and they worked on that narrow Corridor in the Middle where they engage teams and and make it very hard to defend because you're constantly changing the tempo and changing where you're you're going to attack and how you're going to attack and it's crucial that our play makers are the ones that understand the game the best the first of them. Of course the great man why Silas are ready. I've certainly not seen anybody like him his ability to beat players so much him out probably as the as a great play maker that the sevens sevens game seen the kid in our Always watching other players like Arabian. I'm I see you there's other place that I always look up to and try and copy their style like this. All the playmaker is everything I believe in a seven-step. He's your organizer and Mike Mike as I've got some lucky family. These Fijian knows the game Inside Out can read six or seven plays ahead of generally what's going to happen. That's why so good at that having a playmaker like that. They can also lead others particularly the younger players how many times have we seen him do that? I have to see what's going on in think you know, this is what we had to do. So, I guess I try and go step-by-step, but sometimes I had to think ahead but even if I do something special and then the day we're trying to play as a team the magical mommy is there is The Benchmark time now, I think all there The guys, you know, if they want to be a good sleeper in aspired to be a quality sweet, but they were there to live up to this standard in our set up Bank of appearing for those lump all the outboard. Those are the guys that are directing the play. They re sitting up there the moves for the other guys putting them into space and I don't think any quality team can do with other quality sweeper and chooses a playmaker in the team and they're two great games for the other players in the team and just to see the spice on the field that Allah if is it's pretty important to me. So I enjoy playing Super my also hunt in pairs the box key man, the IRB sevens Player of the Year Cecil Africa, we have a great understanding we spend most of our time together in Doug Lloyd and with us understand each other. He's decision making is very good and he's a team player. He's got a great turn of pace. He's got an eye for The Gap and he can probably read the game a A bit quicker than the most of the others on the circuit. For more spooky. Just wanted to me the players you stand out at the moment. It's a massive farmer settle Africa their experience their style of play and their flare puts them out on their own as the two best Playmakers on the World Series. People are still weighing in at under 70 kilos, but with a box of tricks to rival the best Frances foremast and France a half back Terry. Boricua is made to measure for the seventh game. I want to see me. It just goes to the heart of the game and is the major difference between 15 s and 70s the chance to usual Flair show will go skills. That's what puts a smile on your face and makes you want to play the game in the first place to for why are they telling you know?