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There's no question who takes center stage on the sevens World Series. It's the players but helping them and their coach is an ever-growing support crew that starts with the team manager. You're a negotiator your service provider Your Leader. It's a fascinating room. Thanks for all the emails back in the main highlight really of the presentation will be player welfare from flights to nutrition there to Normandy fundamental parts of the Row 1 which is pre-tournament and one which is in tournament and they're very different in effect. The pre-tournament thing is all around what players care but additional to that you've got to get them to the tournaments which are all around the world in a position where they good to play and when all the players into my room around them up bring them back in. Yeah. I was in the Army for 28 years. There's not a good deal of difference actually between a way you treat soldiers and we treat rugby place they care about the same three things. They care about the kit they were in they care about the food they are eaten and I care about the bed they sleeping and you just gotta take them to position where they fit to fight the war these boys within a two-week block. They will fight 12 individual bottles. And that's what's great about this. It's a roll poster well the in tournament bit the manager controls the Benz and the substitution policy is critical. five off Christian off Christian off Here we go. Steph. Next play please. If you miss the substitution by one second in sevens, you could lose two minutes worth of play. The quicker you can actually make U substitutions. It has a massive massive effect upon the game and along with that then you've got to get the bench ready. The substitution cards ready. You've got to get conditioner the water carriers and all those elements. Actually the most difficult days on the circuit our travels this Three four five six seven eight nine ten. We will travel all the way around the world with 17 to 19 people with up to 37 different pieces of luggage interconnecting Airlines. And of course, that's when the players having just played the autonomous. I try to relax a little they trying to get through that trouble D and those who travel the best tend to perform the best before we go baggage has been ticketed all the way through to Las Vegas. Make sure it's got a ticket on it players go first management stay till the end done baggage. Then you've got two tickets next. Stop Auckland. Here we go. Each minute the players are on the seventh filled their every move is scrutinized every action locked fed back in double-quick time to the bench on the technical analyst for the US side. So I basically do with all the video aspects of the team. So, you know capturing the games from the broadcaster's with chop it up into different sections kick-outs lineouts Etc. We call decoding and then I'm in communication when we feel we're basically the eye in the sky so finding vital feedback to the guys as the team's getting more competitive. We're just looking for those one percenters that really can make a difference within the games and I think more and more teams are recognizing that it's vital something information. We've got to feed down to the the coaches and then on to the players, obviously, so more information we can provide them for better if any go buddy. It is it really reflects back up here. You know how the team of Performing down there. I feel very touched it very emotional. You know, I'll be jumping around up here and screaming sometimes it's just kind of the little parts of the game that no one sees and you know, these little tiny bits it might not be a big influence, but it's an influence all the same, you know on the players and the coaches and we're just trying to find these little increases in performance through video answers. The rugby sevens being played on the World Series is ever more physical with player welfare, right at the top of the games agenda. It's crucial that every bump and Bruise strain and sprain is treated by the right person Scotland's Gemma Scott is the longest-serving physio on tour. Whether a player takes to the field of battle or sits out an entire tournament. It's often her decision to make and hers alone. Andrew had quite a substantial soft tissue injury against New Zealand and his hand really really swelled up and we're quite concerned about it as a vain attempt to tackle as I swatted out the way just as I landed in fingers went in the ground first and just have been badly burned. That was my weekend, unfortunately. Any pain majority of my Works done here in the hotel bedroom and half the rooms kind of my personal space and half of it is my physical room. What are the main challenges of really fast turnaround between d 1 and D 2 fifteens? You won't be getting the guys up the next day to pre-order the games a lot of the soft tissue injuries. We pick up flying a long haul flight and day after to make things either day or so on to recovery. So we've got to make some tough decisions and there's there's not any videos. You're not working with any medical team behind you. So you're just making the calls on your own none of the teams travel with the doctor here. So I carry over drugs through you kind of pack knowing what injuries occurring at that time and you've got to add on anything you think you're making it. So there's a lot to travel with. It's really exciting you do boys from the caved and you don't start getting nervous every time. Just from a physical point of view just walked in the things and whooping always getting injured and you almost have built up in worked hard all week that the weekend comes and it's the boys take over and you kind of can relax a wee bit brought them. Then the night of the first day you're back in on it trying to fix everyone pretty contact and from that you can actually work out a lot of the time what they've done. Hunting boys are quite tired, but a to give her they're all heading a few injury. So it's just been good for them to win there.