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Coaching Defensive Systems

Coaching defence starts with some warm up games and progresses to specific skills and the coach then builds upon these basics. A system of defence is then introduced and practised in a conditioned game

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What we're going to concentrate on tonight guys, we're going to build up is defense. You've got to be thinking a little bit wider about your defensive Concepts here. So start thinking about how you're going to actually defend in this situation as well as also attack. Okay can't touch him. It's got a pass to start. Okay, let's go find the space space space space good what I know late. You're right. The tuck Tim is he in well done. Okay. Rich off you go. Touch their welcome blacks good stuff. Well done. All eight. Good work find a space rides. Why are you passing to a man? That's more tell me what's important then what do you need to do to try and score a try find a space? Make sure you're not standing next to somebody moving or time space in front to the sides everywhere. All right, man on the ball. He needs support what you need to do defensively. Basically, but what you need to do with your eyes. Scanning around all the time. Yeah, and not only just scanning in front of you scanning behind you as well, which is the difference between what we're doing here and what we're going to come on to in a minute when you're touched put the ball on the floor and leave it. Okay. Well, you're off One Touch. Find the holes help him out. You came to me. Now the to you up let's go. Let's go then red circle Mennonites find some holes. Well done good find some space. Some vicious, but it's got there well done. Look for help look for help. Just working in this little square here. I'll pop you the ball and I want you to get to that corner. You must not let him come inside you. All right, and you got to try and track him across there. Okay, let's go. All right touched just go for the corner. All right. Right press-ups for you young man. Ten. Please ready. All Right Touch they're fine. We're going to focus now on the defender. So when you're in the defending role want this Defender to work on a drift defense. Yeah. So what's shoulder does he need to be on his right shoulder, but yeah, it's his left. Yeah, whatever. So as you're coming out Mike I'm here and I'm just making sure I'm sorry Don. I'm moving bang. Well, I've got the tackle. I got him covered just showing them that space. Yep just is showing him the outside. That's what we want to say. Good. Well done two hands. Keep it going, please. Actually get side on presenting with their let him go equally. Oh fellas. You also need to be in a tackle in position the ones when you're coming from here, so as you're moving up your footwork smaller, but you're also sink in here and you run it you're not going to just run up at him and Tackle in like that because it won't be able to make a tackle. Good lad well done, Sean. Push well done. Look will that's good tracking tracking will stop stop. Come here. Go back in there. Where were you when you touch them? Yeah, he's got you've given them the inside. You've got to stay this side of him. Okay? It's going to be important later on that we make sure we're disciplined in this guy's good. Well done two players one Defender and what drift offense you're focusing on that first man inside shoulder making sure they're when he gives the past you're pushing on to number two, they should score. Okay, that's fine. Make sure you stay with number one first. Hold your line do your job. It's fine. Good. Well done. Give the pasta early. Give the pasta early. Well done swap the four Defenders over another for down here. They got to attack give it early and push Joe. push Okay, and push good good good. What we're going to do now is go into a game and is going to be drop off touch. All right. So if the Reds touch one of the blacks if it was you Gus touched him you drop out of the game. So the black team would have extra men and you'll drop down if you left with two Defenders or one Defender. The only thing you can do is actually drift use drop out and stay out until they score simple things to cast just use a simple players touch their what I got what enterin one out fill in the holes defensively push push push. two Defenders left work hard ride you must stop him yet. Well done, Mike one Defender. Well, we got him as well. Well, that's what we also need to focus on now for the last five minutes is the spaces between you. All right, if you get big huge spaces between you or you might be on a drift these guys are going to run through it which ever team it may be.