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Step 5 - Introducing the 3 v 3 Scrum

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Step 5 introducing the 3v3 scrum the fifth step in the tack to tackle program is the introduction of A3 B3 scrum, which will have been covered in the level one qualification this step Builds on the Tactical progression of the previous step ultimately taking four players from each team from the open field. Thus creating even more space on the wide outside. The 3v3 scrum is uncontested at first reinforcing the Tactical elements of the restart. When introducing the contested element the only players in the 3v3 scrum restart that can compete for the ball other players in the middle of the three player pack the players on the outside place the hand of their outside arm on their opposing players outside shoulder as in the previous steps. What you're going to do is you're going to bind on around his belt. You're going to bring down around this bout and you're going to buy not put your hands underneath his armpits. Okay. Now these guys on the outside you have to put your hands on each other's shoulders. Well, I want to see six feet in line and you go bend over slightly as if you're going to push. All right, you're not going to use your shoulders and head guys. As soon as I put the ball in there's no pushing but you can use your feet to win the ball. Who do you think the best player is to use a feet in the middle? Okay, we ready you ready? Okay, good. I want more just one last one. Yeah, so you're going to have this person you have some of the middle from the on the outside when you bind on the person the middle drop put their hands up and go round the outside round the top the people on either side. They're going to be bound onto the belt okay of the hooker OK and it's against the outside guy outside hand everyone understand that. All right, if we're going to be playing that way now. Okay guys nail down just kneel down kneel down kneel down there. They'll die now day. Play play play play play play play play play Let's Go. The only people that can compete for the ball of the ones in the middle the guys on the outside. You're just supporting them. Okay, so you cannot push right got that right. Are you going? When you're ready you put the Border. Type A paper boy. Well done. Look at that s***. Let's let's let's go go. Go go go go. analysis introducing the 3 V 3 scrum with the 3v3 scrum the outside props again only rest their arms on the outside shoulders and only the middle player from either side can compete for the ball. It is important to note that this restart remains uncompetitive at under-19 level by observing from behind. We are able to see the space as it is available to the players and their resultant tactical choices. With eight players now involved in the restart area. The ball carrier is quick to recognize the opportunity to attack on the inside of the defense where further space has been created as the players become accustomed to the space provided by the restart. They begin to devise tactical approaches in order to exploit the opportunities. It provides in this example notice how the halfbacks communicate with each other their intentions prior to the scrum being formed. This is followed up by a further signal this becomes 3 Way communication bringing together the scrum-half the fly-half and notice how The Blind Side Wing indicates his involvement by jumping up and down with just one defender on The Blind Side. The collective intention is to create a 2V1 overlap. The reaction of the fly-half is a result of the technical breakdown in their intended play, but tactically their intention was sound this is a vital aspect of players rugby learning development. This kind of development will be restricted if the coach is constantly directing the players.