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Defensive Game with Coaching Points

A touch game conditioned to develop the drift defence. Worcester Warriors Community Coach Tamara Taylor explains the objectives of the conditions, gives feedback and adjusts them when necessary.

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Today are the 15 16 year-old. So that oldest group that we've got encamp. We were doing looking at defensive shape. So play a lot of games the game that we started with was just touch so they were allowed to offload and we looked at our attack yesterday. So I let them kick as well and just to keep that option in there. And yeah, they didn't have to put the ball down. So it was a touch and offered if they wanted to play and in defense, what are we doing to talk me through it find the ball carrying. I've come in here and the types of been made what's going to happen both sides? Okay, and the people outside were how are you defending what you're looking for inside shoulder? Okay. So where do we want them to score if they're going to outside? Perfect. good fairy tale Allow them to play so we can have a look at their defense as a coach main thing for me is standing in behind them so that I'm looking at and on view which means when there's a breakdown or a touch I can see exactly where the defense are see if they're marking anybody see where the spaces are here. We got beds. Look up. Good Ali. Press three babes. Great Chase my Score bibs tell me why that try came about. What did you do? Very well push through okay, if a mistakes made push through play the ref. So what we're trying to do with the defense is once there's a breakdown. We're trying to get them to my inside shoulder of the attacking again. Great support boys get off load. So what we're going to do at the next stop in play is change the attacks that they're not allowed to offload. So that's going to slow the breakdown down a little bit because it the minute we can't see whether defensive actually aligning themselves properly because the game is a little bit too quick. Okay. Good hockey well done for staying on his inside shoulder. Okay, so we still left a little gaps. What did you do really? Well at the end just then yeah. Okay. So there's a 2V1 on this side and attack Defender just kept on the inside and just push towards touch right? So we managed to get the kick away at the end but it's stopped there being a try straightaway on the outside. Okay, what we're going to do now the rule we're going to bring in is that the attack can't offload? Okay, remember attack? We've got more time to organize ourselves. So let's work hard off this ball. Right option though, Eric. I like to everyone with a fullback. Okay, turn around Max. Where could you have been to be more helpful in the defensive line? Just then yeah pushed in so let them have the man on the outside but don't let them have the gap between you and that inside Defender good boys. Let's keep nominating who we've got. That's because we've got an extra two Defenders on our team either touchline. Okay on the side. So we've got to defend the inside where the threat is where the ball is and let them go on the outside because we'll have a full back and we'll have a wind coming in across. Okay, because I've let you kick. What issue is that causing right towards the try line for our Defenders? Yeah, a little grub is okay. How do we defend that? What can we do? Don't let them kick by how you're going to stop them from kicking. Brilliant pressure. Okay. What did we say with the kind of Defense? We might go for in our 22 on our trial and Blitz. All right, are we happy with calling it Blitz? Okay. Have you got a lie, try and realign ourselves a little bit quicker? Run a trial. I'm bibs. What are we going to do? We're on our try line. Nice defense poison again. Look where we are. Good Talking Max. Good defense babes. Keep it working. Well covered babes babes much better defense on your own try line. So yesterday and the day before we looked at Counterattack in the fact that Rugby's all about sometimes offending sometimes attacking. So what's also pleasing from today is that the boys were actually going really quickly from their defense into attack. So they're counter-attacks been so much better today, sir, actually using their brains. So what we would do I'm going to give them the right now because they've been running around for quite a long time. I would bring in a free so I'd blow my whistle and they have to stand still and we just have a little look at defensively where there stood from. The breakdown is occasionally. They're still not marking the player whose between the scrum-half and the first receiver. So what would be the equivalent of maybe some forward Runners? So if we watch the babies now tackle their from there. The still not clear communication of who's marking who as the ball comes out and attack. So this is much better. The guy was orange number for knows who he's got and they pushed up. In between so they played I let them play the game for a few minutes and see what my opinion of is a bit and then I bring them in and ask them. So they're at an age where they should be able to see what each other are doing with the doing the right thing or not. We talked about the three different types of defense that we could use so a blitz man on defense and where they would use it and they gave me the answers on their own 22 on there and try line. The drift was the one that we were really working on. So I was trying to promote that the attack would move the ball wide to see if I could get the defense to push them. All they really want to do is play games because it's relevant to them. It's fun. It's why they play rugby is because it's a team game and they were their mates if they stood in a queue during drills, they get bored and mess around it upsets the coach and they're also going to land by doing. So if they're in a game situation there as long as you condition the game enough that it's really looking at that skill that you're looking at then Going to learn it just as well as stood in line and doing a drill and I'll enjoy it more.