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Step 6 - Introducing the Lineout

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Step 6 introducing the line out. The introduction of the lineout is the sixth step in the tag to tackle program in reality the introduction of the line out can come before or after the scrum progressions coaches should use their own detailed knowledge of their players to decide on the most suitable approach the line out step presents a different tactical situation to the players with the players removed from play Justified to one side of the field. The introduction of the ball is very no lifting takes place but movement jumping and turning should all be encouraged. Going to start with a line over here. I just want to from each team Alice come off. Okay facing me facing me. Okay, how far do you have to be back by site way? Okay, when it's going to be blackballed to start with you'll get it next time. Okay, you're going to jump and you're going to pass it to your off the top so they're going to win it. Okay, so you got to be ready to defend you need to go back just a little bit more. Okay. So one of these going to decide to do it's going to be yeah, you gotta jump and you got passed from there. Okay as soon as soon as you and got it, you can come forth ready play play Let's Play. Go for can fork and fork and fork. And for good luck on let's look you can't argue with fight. Where's the space? Resin space good boy. Let's look again good and he can else. They're okay. You're going to jump and you're going to pass its net when you jump the see if we can turn to pass it. Well, let's play what direction we want to go now. So you're going to catch it this time and then down and then pass they're gonna catch. Okay, we start competing in their Thang past go. The Voice analysis introducing the line out the line out presents a different tactical problem as the restart is to one side of the playing area and no players are bound to each other. Also. The lineout is smaller in terms of numbers as there are four players involved this in turn leads more players positioned across the pitch building on their spatial awareness. The players here demonstrate a natural tendency towards the principle of penetrate and outflank a defense the ball carrier attacks the Midfield and the support players work hard to saturate the vulnerable wide space where the score is eventually made. Here the space is opened up by the defense in their eagerness to cover a wide attack. The ball carrier is quick to recognize this opportunity and all flows to his support who with excellent footwork stands up the last Defender to score. From the line outshone the players have scored from the use of very tactical decision making they have scored on both the far side and the near side of the pitch by attacking through the middle and moving the ball wide and by cutting back into the inside Space.