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Tag Game - Any Direction Tag Clip

Helps to identify space and works vision and decision making skills

Video Subtitles

Red's you are trying to school by placing the ball between those line of cones. They're green. You are trying to score. Okay on the line of cones where Gary is now talking telling the ball-carrier what? What are we telling them? Pass and when were in space you can pass the ball in any direction. Okay, once you've been tagged you have to pass. Okay any questions? Yep. Okay, you run and city was attacked and then he pass. Okay ready play? Dad pass the ball pass the ball. Where's the space run of the Court tag pass the ball? Try given? He's opening he's opening. Okay, stop there, right? Okay, we've got lots of people now they've got their bibs over their tags. So can we all sort of tag Zach, please your tag belts must be over your bibs. Now, how big how big is this pitch? Okay, what about how much space a week taking up in this area? You're all crowding around the ball, aren't you? Let's try and look for a little bit of space. Okay, ready? Play by 100 dog. Get play greens. Go go good pass great pass great pass. Good faith Good Feet. play how many has it all the bullying Ross? He's helping talk to him talk to him. But I'm picking up greens play. Play tag basketball. Who's helping tag pass the ball? Okay, actually all you like to school when you hit the floor. Okay, so that's no try. She's on her knees. Okay, you must tell your feet Miss. It's a red ball here Red Bull here. You must know your feet. Okay? Who's helping him tag class the ball? Okay. You attacked right back here Ross how many seconds and hold the ball for 3 seconds. Brilliant was a green ball. Now, let's find a Red Bull their play Red Bull their tag pass the ball. He gonna pass to Miles tag pass the ball. Okay. Good Ross Tag, press the ball fast pass the ball Ross pass the ball good boy. Okay. Good. Try go greens. Go greens. pass the ball good. Try study feet rosters. It hurts. Okay play Reds. We're gonna pass to Miles pass the ball. Tag pass the ball good look for the space look for the space. Twilight I'm good but a point to Hunts Point two hands Okay, stop there stop there. How did you pass it over your head? Would you pass that one over your head? Okay now, okay. So we still do the same thing. It's no different is still two hands. It's still two hands. Okay, ready? Get two hands on the ball. Pass the ball pass the ball. Good good line that well done Red Bull. Okay, Buddy Miles. Okay. I think I get a pass to Miles point two hands miles Cowboys it gets dropped. Okay keep playing. Miles what you drop a ball mate, and we handed have on it. Brilliant good man.