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Using Games - 'Choke Ball'

Jake Sharp from Oaklands college delivers a fun game that requires a range of skills from the players. The coach uses lots of questioning to cement the learning and talk about why games are such an important coaching tool

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Best way for boys to learn things on the culture. I mean here we have a culture where we say that they learn from making mistakes. They learn from getting outside of their comfort zone Tim three good for well done five turnover. So going basic science for me at one is a player. Is there more enjoyable but for me the fundamental is decision making you've got my decisions the whole time. It's a chaotic game and what games do is allow the practice of making loads of decisions and the decisions are never the same. So going to play truckball so important one in Direction the challenge for the attack is to get through 10 passes. Okay, they're all gonna be simple if you can stop the pasta. So if only passes the ball to Sam and I can stop him look him up and then we'll jump in and stop that bull. It's a turnover but sound from fight. Get your float or she don't anyone getting starting to the floor, etc. Etc. So what you think I'm looking forward to this game is about. Yeah. So from the tap water view this do that first. Yeah. Yeah, and also yeah of calling a pass. Yeah, you can run with the boycott movement Direction and then from the Finish point of view what we're looking for hard works at your with the attackers yet. Brilliant star work right numbers numbers to the boat. And then with that what we got to do before we get a number there for everybody. Yes going. Well, we all done here alter that light twelve-year-olds. We've all decided to suck in. Okay the width is the yellow. So what we got to do you use this way, you cannot intercept or slap down. You can only read the tack and choke him good Vision one. Well done very well done six seven eight. Okay, nine chunky chunky said well done honey there and everyone getting into it everyone taking it seriously and things like that makes it brilliant and the tempo and everything just comes together now can make it harder. So if Harry Potter's me the ball, I can't give the ball back to him make sense go through at that in now black small First lost 3-1 to get it get it get it Well Done Reds French booo glidin one, two, three, great one for what we do welcome is basically fun in the spike. So, how can we create this facial if there is space? What can we do so we can run into if we've got the bouquet. What does that do to the fenders lose him in and also if I'm gonna run in between these two What I'm gonna do Stephen, what's that? Do create space Elsa? Okay, how do we come better? Defensively what we gotta do since lemur Mark? Yeah straighten the second we get on somebody. What should we look at be looking to do because there's obviously the focus of the game is to choke yet. So we target the board. So when we go to a game, it's not completely different. It's relevant three. Kim well done. Get away. Well done Reds howdy, there won't read some really the secondary school Soul upon the juggled it for he jumped him outstanding. Well done. Great. One, two, three, four, five. The reason we try and create chaos is because the game's Celtic this if you just do really basic drills which high repetition but actually it no decision making no no pressure on the skill. It means when they go to games and there's people flying Outta line distressed making decisions a dodgy weather conditions, you know, all those examples the chaos actually creates. So when they get into a game to this real composure and that they can do and perform a skill under high pressure, you know, simply and clear in their minds and they get high accuracy. So hopefully that will be demonstrated here. I mean, I've progressed so much as a in myself as a player and also to work in the team