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Coaching the breakdown with games

The challenge of using games to coach contact is a tricky one for many coaches. This clip shows the Leeds carnegie academy coach explaining how to integrate games into his coaching and the different styles of delivery

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To play a game. Now. This game is all about awareness of Defenders as the first support player. So the rules of the game, it's a touch game when the defender touches the ball carrier the defender needs to run out to the edge of the picture and come back in and what that does is create some space around the tackle for the nearest apart play to make a decision of whether there's an awful word opportunity or whether in the defense is actually quite close and then need to clear over the guy. So this is how this game is going to work fox has got the ball. He runs into Harry. Okay. Hurry touched him Fox is going to fall on the floor. Harry is going to run off to a touchline. The touch lines are the try line and the yellow colors are so run off to the next numerous. Defender is going to try and get his hands on the ball. So somebody come in and get their hands on the ball. Pretty if that happens before any of those attackers get there. That is a tournament. If I see that that's the pop they're coming in. I am going to shout to Foxy hold hold hold hold now as Fox is added on the floor. What is he already doing? Because you know, they should be moving. So it's already many spinning around towards me. So I'm going to hold hold hold hold hold so knows you knows it's going to be a clear. So keep spinning around foxy. I'm going to drop down onto my hands and feet and I'm going to walk the length of his body when I get to their somebody can come in and move the ball away. Okay, but if Fox your hands on the floor again, just go background of the way for I see that there are no threat from this defense. I'm going to put right foxy pop, right and he's going to give me the ball and I'm going to keep playing. Okay. So the whole focus of this game is around me as a name is support playing making a decision of can I get an offload pop or is that too dangerous? We might lose the ball. They're pretty close hold and I'll clear Everyone's the two words going to be saying holding pop? Go to the touchline good skull well push through every really good push on the line back. All right. All right. All I just want you to do now. All I want you to do is just to go into two teams for me and just kind of like discuss amongst yourselves. What did Danny talk about this game was about what did he say we had to do. Well, if you're going to be successful at playing it what in terms of where you needed to be looking as a support player and to what you needed to be saying because we haven't done either of them yet. So just remind ourselves of what they are. So just take a lead and that side take lead on this side. If we got to the outcomes for the game The Players out following it. Alright, so in terms of them taking on a ship or what the trying to get out of the session rather than me, just tell them again. I want them to establish themselves what other trying to get out of the game. So by then taking a bit of ownership of it it's part in Developing some leadership skills amongst the players and getting them to think a little bit more deeply about what they're doing. So we found by using this strategy that was starting to get players much more aware of what they're doing. So improving the game understanding and problem solving in game, which is something key to what we want when the point in the full 15 seconds. So what you got to do to support play to be good at it Taka Taka early God, what did you say you were going to do look up don't look at the ball. Look at the defense good and then what are you going to do in terms of you calling? Good. Yeah, right. You know, I'd love to see feel this field feel this feel. You've got to the try light. Well Duncan talking talk to him. Excellent. Try well done. Nice little tip on there. Why don't you go? Yeah, not well draw World Roadshow well-drawn. You gotta nice pathway. These helps is actually to see cultures see that what we're doing here is they can replicate at their cause we play from under under sevens right through to senior because all we're doing is creating games that are based on our current ability of our players and constraints within our games that are suitable to this level of player. So all you could do with a different ability of player are different experience of player. He's just managed to rules differently in order to get the same outcome, which is for us was to make a decision around whether they should offer ducky part of the ball in