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Expert - Conor o Shea - do you believe in a club culture and style

Conor O Shea discusses how a coach can develop a club style and culture

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I think one of the big things that we're trying to introduce here and I think it will be the same, you know everywhere as it is a very definitive culture and style to the way we go about our business and ultimately I would like to I would want the players to be able to articulate to any new member of the squad what the vision is for this for this club what the style of play the identities of people look at harlequins, which is my club. How do they play their rugby people look at it and say well we know from every player in that club how they will go out to play quick. They'll play with Tempo, you know, they'll mix the game up a lot. They'll have a lot of fun. That's what I want everyone to know but they'll also know that there are behaviors and values that these guys will live by in terms of how they go about their work every day. And and that's what you want players new to a club to buy into in terms of cruising the type of player are more importantly for us is certainly bringing players up through we want to see players who will actually fit that profile fit a profile that will live the way we want them to live and we'll play the way we want them to play and that's that's when you feel you're getting your own but culture does not get built in a year or two years it gets built over a long long period of time