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L2 - Half Back Development

Skill Practice Description • Each player is given a number. • From any tackle point or breakdown, as the attacking team is about to start another attack, the coach calls out a number and the defending player with that allocated number retires three paces before moving forward as the others step up. • This leaves a miss alignment in the defence line. • The fly half is required to notice the opportunity and attack the miss alignment and deliver the ball accordingly. • A progression is for the numbered player to step forward early, creating the opposite miss alignment. • If the forward player is the wing, then the fly half may chose to use a kick to get behind the defence. • The opportunity may appear on the short side and the fly half needs to be aware and communicate to the scrum half. • Now develop the decision making further by even numbers step up and odd numbers retire. Key Coaching Points • Scanning skills. • Attacking an opportunity offered by the defence alignment. • Decision making skills. • Appropriate passing (short, long, flat, deep etc. • Appropriate kicking (grubber through, chip over, cross kick etc.) • Look-Think -Do Process

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Hot damn this game is to manipulate the defense so that you can actually recognize where the holes are. So hopefully the first receiver to be able to attack the appropriate hole attack the appropriate Channel. Okay to get it to work properly. We'll just going to go with the flow. So every time the touch will go down will long Place scrub off in there and we go around the corner till we get to the touchline and then we can start to come back. Okay, Defenders the people who are nearest of we're going around the corner. You just have to make sure that if you're the first person nearest to the breakdown and I shall want it's you that's going to go backwards or if you second or third so obviously get round there and have a little look and count what position you are. Okay. All right full. Touch 4 and 5 Good. Well done lovely. Excellent. Good come back to the middle start that again just set it. Okay. It's a really good right last couple of girls now, but this time the people I call out are going to come out of the line. All right, so I want the rest of you to slow down a bit. All right. So if it's passed Perry and myself, right if the cold Perry's number he's going to go up and we're gonna just go steady and I'm so there's holes in their walls and way Touch number two. Good good. Well done.