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14. Attacking Waves Game

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Okay, the game we're going to play now is attacking wave game going to be eight attackers against five. Defenders three attackers are going to start where the ball is there on that red cone. They're going to stand one behind another but two or three meters between them with a ball on the floor in front of them. Two attackers are going to stand on the white cone in the middle there same formation three on the farc own across there again, 2 meters between them. That's ball one. The middle one is ball to the far one is ball three. Defenders are going to start from this cone down here the red cone down here. If I shout ball one person at the front of ball one with the ball in front of them picks the ball up and all eight attackers attack the five Defenders. The phone has obviously got to get out there quickly and Define the space for shout ball to person with ball to in front of them. They pick the ball up and again all attack eight attackers attack same with ball three clear. Okay, we ready. But one go. Great school great school great score good decision. Let's go back to the start. Murph can you start on the far side on that green cone yet as Defender. four to go No need to touch no defense one. Start again. Stay over there Murph Paul. You stay there as well start one behind the other attackers one behind the other two or three meters behind so we've got natural depth. three go two-nil to the defense. Let's go again gives our cells plenty of depth and attack to go. Keep playing keep playing. Try scored one more go one more go. We're plate such fellows put the ball through your legs one go. Score it. Well done. Well done. Just got there.