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Three pass attack game

This exercise works on both attack & defence. The defenders have to cover the breakdown first and then work a drift defence while the attackers have to create space by fixing the first three defenders

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Open you look up where it tries are scored their score through turnover because that's when defenses aren't set. Its when mistakes are made. Its when if you talk about turnover, is it a turnover true mistake or as a turnover when someone kicks you a bowl, but it's it creates Broken Field and that's why I believe training through games is the right way to do it because you are giving them that environment the whole time as long as when a mistake is made the with in training the Is there for the team to actually receive that turnover then unallowed play with this they get their chance to play a lot of times you coaching you go. Okay, this 15 is going to have the ball and they'll play and if there's a mistake you blow the whistle you go back. Let's start again. No play it as if it's a game if you make a mistake, you lose the right from the ball to the other team are there and then you have to have principles of play on turnover. If the ball is turned over. What do you do? Do you pick it up and just trundle It Forward I did you pick it up and move it wide basic principles get the ball away from where that mistake has been made. They'd Move It Wide into where space will be.