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Overload Attack Game

This game allows your attack to experiment whilst working on communication, reloading for depth and handling skills. With an attacking overload this will also work on your defence communication and organisation in phase play.

Video Subtitles

Say will attack from from the post down will go maximum for touches. Once that's done then you restart again. So you got four touches or four phases to school. So guys will change it up. We'll go 5 to 5. Yeah, so you're gonna have to work harder. Yeah. Try lines the halfway. Yeah, it's go there well done. Yeah, I can catch process. what a Fed Okay, stop stop stop. Sorry DC. I know you'd like to space are there. Okay, you've just done in now. What's helping you or what can help you more with this game. You guys have just done it now. Yeah, you're moving back. So get a bit more debt when it goes after one or two phases. Everyone's really flat. So chat to each other. Make sure you keep that depth Well caught they went right off the boo. Good shot DC. Well done. Keep talking. Well, don't say Vegan straighten. Good good decision-making that side of me. Well Dutch, right. Good Max. Well done guys, so that so you heard me what were you saying here? So get deeper say we kind of looked at him and said, yeah, I'll just take one or two steps back all three of you were just here. Not really being effective. So take a couple of steps back. Listen to her be because hobie's one that's got space you guys were in his way. Okay. So we're going to go with three touches third touch. You've got two touches to score. Touched what's that? You got one more. You got the over that people get time on the ball. Keep out get noise. Well done. guys score so I put you under a little bit of pressure on that last one, but why did that all work what was effective in that from over there to scoring in the corner? So work of the ball, so you guys had to get deeper good. Yeah, so we actually had a couple of people do some different lines. Would that do to the defense? So stop them slim up. They had the space they'll spacing in there and what else made us execute that in the corner just chat loads of chat loads of noise where the space is who wants the ball on first receiver, all of those things made such a big difference.