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Mike Catt - Attacking from Lineouts - Quick Ball

Classroom session with Mike Catt - discussing the key points of attacking from a lineout

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But the other big Focus for me this is going to come up all in every time. I do a new slide will be a bus speed of ball. This ball is quick. Okay. This boy is creepy offenders cannot get on the phone and set so we have a mess of focus. A trade we going - here to him which ever way either puts the ball on what he carries on the other line. We have a massive focus on this grade done. Even this is neutral because at light speed we get people there. We know that second phase is going to be good game on. Okay. So again from the to throw the ball in. To the delivery to the ninth the ninth leverage the 11 levels of 12 these two guys actually heating at the basement the lineup.