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Using Games To Problem Solve

It is important that coaches integrate "Problem solving" into their sessions. Disperse cones randomly and the defending players must guard them. With one more cone than defenders, the attacker must try to get to an empty cone before it is guarded!

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So here's a great exercise that challenges you players to problem solve. They don't have much time. They've got to react quickly. They got to work in groups. They got to work in teams are going to work in units you guys can go anywhere you want to but if you're standing on a cone he can't step on it. I saw someone doing it with chairs and it's a little bit like, you know, almost like a Christmas game that people did with chairs. And so I thought we can bring this into the picture. And so so yeah, so we the cones get distres out and someone's gotta get to a cone and then it's about communicating. It's about actually what you're saying because it's really short time period so okay guys, no contact. No contact go. Come on yolk. So warm up. Okay. Good Yogi back over. Okay, guys, you got 20 seconds. They've got to problem-solve. They've got to work it out work the solution now what's best what works for them? Just an observation guys. I've not seen you move from that Konya. So from a bit of a teamwork Fact if you've got guys you got one guy here who doesn't seem to be doing much work multiple. Let's go Paul Super Bowl only holding holding go back here. Okay guys, so fellas, why did that work? Why did it work communication? Because Fraser move number one better comes so much. Why are we doing this movement stuff for the guy trying to get the co-movement agility communication and defense. So if someone next to you moves you have to do what move with him. I quite like your thought of what so what's it? What's the theory behind standing between cones between two on you? Yeah, and I quite like that theory let's play around with it. What's it very easy to do. You just watch just watch it's a little bit. Like I'm just watching the ball in the game rather than actually I'm scanning. I'm going to see what's what actually do you need to start thinking about my gaps? Yeah, Gap specialized what's going to happen next? So, where's he going to go if he goes there? Where's he going to go? What's Rory strength? What his strengths are same as a game. Whoo! Let's go for damn me to go. Enjoy. I like the solution. I've never seen it before. I really know you're still getting so get your players thinking get them problem solving and problem solving on the hoof in a chaotic environment. That's how they're going to learn and adapt during scenarios that occur during a match.