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Chapter 1 - Playing Tag Rugby

Introduction to TAG

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Step 1 playing tag rugby the first step from tag to tackle begins with the game of tag rugby players should be familiar with the game of tag rugby, which for many is the starting point of their rugby Journey going from the underwrites to under nines. It's not just about going to contact there's a lot of other aspects of the game get introduced and the fact that we could then Focus specifically on the tackling which is absolutely necessary. It was it was a win-win for us watch now is the coach observes the players playing tag White Horse with I swear those were those were those without play Good luck. Nice pass like it before I go down. Take it up. Go forward go forward go forward go forward the lab. Well done deal. And I said go for it. Go for it. Go for it. Try are give it a try. The game of tag rugby is often thought of as an evasion game. However, it is evasion only for the ball carrier as the defense need to make contact contact with the tag. This requires the attacking team to avoid being caught by defenders in a tag tackle the players demonstrate natural evasion skill when playing tag rugby and the result is a high Tempo and free-flowing game the following stages in this resource Explorer an alternative methodology of progressing to the full contact tackling game, which aims to retain the Integrity of the evasion skills naturally ingrained in young players. Okay.