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Tag Game - Warm-up Tag

To get children started with TAG

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What guys just one thing before we move on? Okay, if we look at Jordan what's happened to a t-shirt? Yes, this is under brilliant. Okay, excellent. And when I'm trying to tag Jordan now and Chaser what might I do what my side ooh brilliant. Do we want that to happen? No, so Jordan show me how you should have your tag belt for me. So it's sucking it answer your tag belts on top. That's pretty can we all check our tag belts and make sure tag belts are on top remember when you've been tagged get the tag back off your friend take the ball back to the nest and then you become the tiger. Okay, when you've been tagged to the tide back off your friend take the ball to the nest. You become the tiger who's gonna be last this time. Look today space look for those spaces look for a space this take your ball back from s you hands two hands two hands. Once you think tank back to the pool nest. Brilliant brilliant tag back in the game. Now. He's left no cones on the pile here goes on the pile. on the pile Okay, brilliant. Brilliant. Okay, remember