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Tag Game - Team Tag Clip

Adds variety to TAG games and skills

Video Subtitles

The game's called teen tag, the three people in red are one team. It's called teen tag. These three people have got 30 seconds to try and get as many of you people as tagged as possible. Once you are tagged. You hand your tag back to the person. Once you have tagged them. Are you listening once you've tagged them? You hand the tag back to the person once you have been tagged you come and stand with me at the outside the outside of the grid and we're looking to see who and how many people the Reds can tag in 30 seconds the people without the people with the balls. What have you got is what skills? Have you got to use to stop yourself being tagged pushed on people with the balls? What skills? Have you got to use to stop yourself? Be intact. Yes. Well communication 3 self being tagged here. What do we do with our feet? Brilliantly pace and we need to and we need to dodge right again. The people with Reds by me. Please bibs with me Gibbs with me. Okay, ready bibs. You've got 30 seconds your time starts now. Okay, give it tight back from Stand By Me. Once you've been taught come and Stand By Me. If you can put your tag bit now over your vest for me put your red tag, but over your top for me 10 seconds left. Okay, come put your shoe back on for me. Five four three two one. Okay, the three people who are left. Okay. Well done. If you could swap with these three if you've got four tigers and there's two people left what might you for have to start doing to make it harder. Two on one person. Okay. And what did we what did we say when we're passing the ball? What can we do which will help us talk? What are we saying? Then? What are we going to talk to help us to say? help Okay, if you've got one person running away and for people in bibs all talking and chasing the same person, will they get away know if you've got one person chasing one person do they stand a chance of getting away brilliant. So what I want to see if you for can do this time, can you communicate can you talk with each other? So you work in a pack like wolves? Okay. Yeah in packs like wolves if you're working together, you stand more chance of tagging somebody. Okay, so, right Once you tie to come to me once you talk to come to me. Can you work together tigers? Can you work together? Can you talk to the other tiger to help you towards the Tigers talk to the Tigers talk to the Tigers? Okay, are we helping each other? Okay. So what can you for the Youth for need to do now then let's see. What happened go. Good. Yeah. Once your tags come to me. Who's left? Let's talk babes. Let's talk. Jake talking less than talk about his left. So hey much easier. Was it for us as a tiger when we started talking? Okay, you say a lot what sort of things we saying to each other to make it easy.