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Quins - Accurate Passing

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You want best practice specifically for your coaches who were who are coaching over the the jewelry PDG or the schools of rugby or that sort of thing or the clubs at on the schools that pushed the players through to harlequins the end of the day we want those doing best practice as often as possible. Everyone has a different idea of best practice, but hopefully we're hopefully somewhere near it with what we do at Quinn's picked up. Yeah. Yeah, basically we're just testing the boys off both hands see what their long passings like with their accuracy and it's it's five minutes worth here, but it's more highlighting what they need to work on themselves. Jim's going to feed in we're coming through staying Square on the cone on the line rather than you're hitting Warren. Okay, when you come through obviously jacket and Jim. All right, we join the other group good. Good. Come on. Keep it going. Flatten that pass out push through it stay square miles yet. Okay a couple of things on the mechanics, we can't put Power into the passive for falling away from it. Okay. So the old 1970s pass here with one leg up in the air. We can't really do we've got to stay square if we have to step into it. And that's fine. Come on. Keep running. Keep running. Come on, go go. Come on. Come on, pull it back. Pull it back. Pull it back. Pull it back. Pull it back. Come on, pull it back.