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CCRU Game - Capture the Aliens

Description of activity: Two players start with one ball between them, as humans and the rest are aliens. The humans capture the aliens by holding the ball in two hands and touching the alien with the ball. Once an alien has been touched they are turned into a human and can help. When a human has the ball, they cannot move but if they don’t have the ball they can run anywhere inside the grid

Video Subtitles

We're going to play Capture the aliens didn't practice this wanted to do. All right, excellent. So capture the alien. So we're going to start off with to two people who are going to be the humans. Okay, everybody else is aliens. They're running around playing within the white cones here. Okay to capture the alien tournament to a human you have to touch the person with the ball. Okay on their shirt or shorts. Okay, and you have to have the ball in two hands when you do that, so can't be one-handed on Added Touch problem is you can't move with the ball. Okay, so you have to pass the ball to your teammate when he stood near somebody so they can catch him and touch them quickly. So Once that person is touched. Okay, he becomes a human and he helped strong capture all the other aliens that are moving around. Okay. So how do we capture the aliens? Touch them with the ball on the shirt two hands on the ball. Well done. Okay, where are the boundaries of the pitch white cones? Okay, we can't go outside. If an alien Okay rooms outside the cones. Okay. He automatically has to become a human straight away. So if someone goes outside has to come back in and become a become a human straightaway. They kind of run with the ball in this game. No fantastic. So we shall have you've got the ball so you can be one. Okay, and you can be the other to start with Let's play. We got him nearly got hot look. Oh, yeah. Well don't get ones. I've got three working. Well done. Yeah. I look Tom I look. I'll go carry on. Okay, gather round. Okay, we got one got one got one bit of success in there, didn't we? Okay what anyone sort of want to have a guess at no saying really how that happened? Remember we need to be moving with that person and catch the ball as we're still moving stop and touch them straight away. It has to be almost like I'm running next to catch and touch at the same time. So you need to be moving with that person that you're tracking and following. Okay. Let's have another go will have who think who think they're really good at these? I'm good one and the human well, actually we start with three this time I get it so you three can start agreement.