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Coaching the breakdown

Looking at fundamental breakdown skills to manage the contact area. Log in to see the full session

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I'll take you on okay, make a taco good up to your feet and your feet and your feet get around go around go around. Okay, good. Okay. Now if you were going to clear him out, where would you have picked a clear them out? Okay, you depict a clear map probably when he got to his feet and he was running around like that. Okay to get onto the ball. Okay, stay on your hands. Okay. Use your hands as a pivot get around you're already there. Okay, because as soon as you come up, you're a big targets clear out. Yep. Good if we go good tackle good on TV on TV on your feet. Excellent. Good stay on your feet right on really is to develop your attacking and defensive skills, but most importantly, you know, our management of the contact area look good and Up and Up Get Around spin on and on this is a great fun activity, but clearly if the boys aren't talking correctly. You can't move forward to our tackle Jack or anything else until the players fully understand the safety implications of making the tackles. So it's actually right now on your feet on your feet and feet. I came out came out good right on that's not bad. Go take you. One second one good taco good now you go now you go go to figure out your feet. Okay unlucky.