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Coaching Tips from the Premiership Champions

We have plenty of coaching examples and ideas from the 2013/14 Aviva Premiership Champions, Northampton Saints. Log in to see more senior, academy and youth coaching.

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So so close to the coin in the try celebrating Jim hardly himself celebrate. Every time you get the ball number one is do the same thing bring it up one and look under the book. I want you to really think about using your back and your stomach to throw the ball. So wonderful pieces of hands. We're down to planted for the Evac your feet as you're sweeping because you don't want someone knocking you all the time. So as you're sweeping you pass in same again, you transfer your weight going from going from a strong base to that you pass in your strong wait, your arm going towards you depart your 10 and your legs coming through as well ready to get on the on your bike again to the network. Why do I want the ball here more time on the ball? Okay, the next thing we're gonna look at is part of our defense. All right, and what's the key principle to our defense? To get the ball back. Okay. So whatever we do is about getting the ball back in case we've got to support his own body weight is nice and low. All right, and then he's looking to lift that ball up.