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The MIss Pass - coaching tips

To develop the Miss Pass

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One way to coach the Miss pass is to use a grid which in this case is 10 meters by 10 meters with four channels as the skill level develops. The grid can be extended as the player in the first channel passes the ball to the player in the second channel the players in the second third and fourth channels should have a dish shape to their alignment which effectively keeps the line between the ball carrier and the receiver clear and unobstructed the player in the second Channel then delivers a Miss pass to the player in the fourth Channel. Let's take a look at the roles of the three key players note that the player in the second Channel receiving the initial pass has his hands up and his eyes on the ball having caught the ball the player scans to confirm the time and space available. The greater power of the spin pass with a strong follow-through ensures that the ball will arrive quickly and accurately with the receiver. For a Miss passed to be fully effective the player being missed must be a convincing decoy in order to fix a Defender. The receiver adjusts his running line in order to move his Defender and receive the ball.