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Building the Catch and Drive

The driven lineout is an increasingly effective attacking platform. Here is a quick preview of some of the exercises and advice available on Premiership Rugby Coaching. Join now to see more.

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Marvel in the lineup tonight inside out so that I don't have to think about it on a game. You gotta understand what lineups work for you with the guys in your team. You know, there's no good. Just choosing a line out and then applying the same thing and you get different guys coming in every week and you try and stick to the same system. It doesn't work, you know as an entry point into the game you've got to think has a ball get in the field it gets in the field bar asset Pisa a line out a scrum. So we're initially if they don't work if you think of building a house if that Foundation isn't right, then you can't do anything else. If it dries it for you, if you're that guy, it's best to set your weight down to bring the whole height of the wall down and it's just a much more effective more. So if you are that guy with the bullying hands just to get it and then bring it's all on you to bring the height down come if you're coming out like this, then you get guys that will come at you in here and if it was here, then it's it's likely that get knocked out so you can get in tight clothes and then bring it down. It's obviously a lot more secure.