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Sale - Lineout lifting & set

Coaching junior players to lift effectively in the line out is based upon some simple steps. Ross Harrison from Sale sharks outlines the key principles and progresses to the driving maul

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What's really important with all this tonight? What's what's the main technique from? This just got real close. Yeah. It's restarting position three quarters from there. You can explosively power up and the back at the W in between his legs. Yeah, get really powerful in the three again in their 3/4 stance. And then from there just jump off of them hookers. It'll hit. Yeah, let's just keep really straight. Really narrow. Keep your core tight legs tighten the move from the trunk. Yeah. Just do a souvenir. Yeah to say the right time boys. That's it. Get your hands up straight away. Good. Very good. Very good drill Out Boys. Could shut up man. Yeah, it's on note that the rush good drill. Take your time boys. Make sure the list spot-on. Don't rush it good. Could drill what about like the rest of your body when you're jumping yeah and keep your legs. Well, like your legs really tight. Yeah because it's easier because if it these boys are lifting your legs are out this bit harder if it's tight, you can keep everything really tight. It's a lot easier to lift you like that. Yeah. Let's try that. Go to them like surreal sight go boys. It's going to move it all in one step. Let's not let's not move on one step from then when we've caught the ball. We need to bring it down. And as I've said before lifters come down and that split stance. You can't be pulled over and then sorry jumpers starting your split stance and lifters come through yet get past the ball. So you're in that driving position so we can roll playing down the way this way. Good good boys, get past the ball. Go big fella control and leaders. They escaped talking to Charlie London. Good good really good this group really good. As far as like the front cargo the front, I guess he likes in the front. It's an easy ban on the back on the back of trying almost like straddle through so you can get your body in between. So if I'm here and you get get your body in between like that, I've got to go through you first. So if you just go bad on the side like you normally would I can get my body through here like this and pull them over. Yeah good time and get your body bit more right triangle from an upright position. So you've left it seems lift it lift. It slides through and then from there you can almost go there. Yeah. Yeah. So when you almost you almost feel it like not was bumping out with you bring your hips out. Yeah, so you made a bit of a gap between him and you can slide through you bump them out. Yeah and then go Yeah, that's lot for this guys getting your body in between the opposition and the other jumper. Yeah, he brought you taking the hit. Yeah, and then putting out and then to slide for it. Yeah, just get your body in front of him. Yes, it's hot. So I'm even further away. So if you're in here, it seemed far away even more for me to go. Yeah.