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Scotland New Lineout Move

Scotlands clever score from the line out v Ireland was a great example of coaches or players being innovative and looking at new ways to do things. This clip shows a few slightly different uses for placing your scrum half at the front of the line out. It is just ideas and about pushing the boundaries of the laws

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If you're watching us before the match began, we have an interview with Eddie Jones being the coach saying the whole thing about not being State something Innovative coming up with new ideas boxing your opposition and actually surprising in this clip. We're going to have a look at the tactics for the line out and how the scrum-half and possibly other backs are used as a weapon to challenge the status quo of historically What teams do the line out? One of the things that's happening is one or two sides are putting their nine in right the front. So what we've actually got now is we've got actually eight people in the line, which is allowed. However, what you might find is you might want to drop somebody. So what we've actually got here are set up now as you've got a nine. We've got a pot a pot of the back. You've got a middle pod. So you still got all your options if we overthrow the ball, you've got afford to cover that. You've got a forward if he's going to drive. So if we were going to just put the ball straight in on and drive. Yeah. Okay. So if I was defending I'm defending here, obviously one of my queries is is do I defend this man because we're going to mark up the like it is I'm going to be a lifter. I've got to then come and defend this guy. Okay, which means they now man down lifting as forwards. Okay. So the attacking side should get more options more flexibility because we've got the 9 in if we now want to move the ball off the top the scrum-half can move as soon as the ball has been released from the hooker. That's the IRB line that loss as soon as the hookers release the ball the nine can come around and do his job and what you might find is that a lot of Nines in most line outs are actually starting here. And the reason for that is as All stone in there on the Move rather than being static. So they're actually on the Move passing the ball the 9 comes in. Sorry, that ball could come straight off the top or it could come down and then offload Okay. So we've got our forward at the back for the overthrow for the drive. And then also another option we've got is that soon as the ball is thrown in he'll drop down. He's the nine so he can drop back three or four meters as the 9 comes round and gets the ball. He can then pass the ball to the forward which might link up with the 10 or the 12 and the center's so soon as the ball is thrown in carry drop a couple and then you're going forward. Okay, so you may well have seen some Pro side using that so that's another option. Another option here with the 9 is 9 in the front. If for some reason the defending side has decided we're going to leave this guy alone because we want to compete here with our pods. Okay? What options have we got? Just check out? Okay. So rather than a prop being at the checkout option, we've actually got the scrum-half. Okay, which is should be a bit quicker a bit more agile and ready for two or one down the channel. So let's have a quick look at a checkout. spool Swiss ball Okay. So as you check out option and then what we saw on Saturday was a very sneaky trifling Scotland is that we Constantine it even more. And then Dunbar was in here and what the island for was did was they actually ignored these Trump front guys? Okay focus on these ball straight into this guy through and made the score that access of the nine at the front and forward at the back just gives us a lot more different options.