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Building the Lineout

We have changed the content on this clip - just in the short term - until we produce new content on building the maul from a Lineout - apologies

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Hello to them are pretty good at lifting from a static position. But now it's the case of moving them on to be able to move at the same time. And you know, these three games are just little things that you can do at their clubs in their schools. It's a bit of fun. But also there is a technical element to it as well is you can have a few goes with the hooker what we've got a spare Man actually. It's a joke and call which color we go to and it's just about reacting to the color and getting a lift into the air then we're going to go a little bit competitive. Okay, so nice little work with this group Risa work with this group. Okay, so you're going to have to with Reese throwing and you're on defense and then we're going to swap that around. Okay, and if it needs to be a few more reps, then it's a few rats. Let's go to a time. Okay, let's have probably five with we're just Joe calling. nice and Loud Alex Okay, good work across Joe. Okay, but it is in terms of the quality of the lifts are the two jumpers getting as high as they could be. No KY what's the biggest thing? We're not doing again low on the left let getting low. Okay and doing what after we've got low after we get you into the air Grill. Yeah coming together. Okay, we got to come together. I at the moment. We're both a little bit here. Can we go get em high enough? Alright, so let's really step in okay. Nice kid movement. Okay can move it now Louise group one with Nathan. Well, you got to win this one. I've lost John Enright get set then get set get set if they're not ready. Okay, nice work guys good backwards moving nice. Throw Nate and well done.