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Cheek-to-cheek - Head position

Start with the players kneeling, explain the cheek to cheek technique and ensure each player is competent, you can then add some competition and fun by adding some conditions

Video Subtitles

So we're going to move on now to the tackle. So what we're going to do here is we're going to have what we call cheek to cheek which is your cheek on his bum cheek. Okay, one of the things that's really important here as we move in with the shoulder first cheek-to-cheek arms around and grip tightly. Okay closer, right? Okay shoulder in first then head then cheek. Okay, you going on the left this time left? Ready? Go nice. That was really good. I'll be get in on the right. Get ready. Okay on the right this time go nice. Okay, but once you tackled, you gotta get up again. Okay. So in 10 seconds, we're going to see how many tackles you can make you ready go. That's one I'll begat and the next one go. I'll be getting the next one. That's three that began the next one. And you get for 2 seconds to go. Can we get one more tackling? Excellent work well done.