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NSW Waratahs Tackle Technique

Some insight into how the NSW coaches approach coaching the tackle. This clip provides some tips on "How to coach" and some practical examples

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We can do this better than anyone in the competition. Okay, we get our technique bang on can be a real point of difference for us. My name's Brenda McKibben. I'm the scrum house for a wart as Gothic. It's all about getting all your skill execution. Right? And when the moments come that you do take that take that's why site let's take that space straightaway want you to put yourself in a position where you could make the tackle take that spice trying to plant their La short feet short feet short feet shortly coming forward. Yeah. Good Tyler take that space. We can overcomplicate things because we haven't got that much time. So we've picked a couple things that we want to be really good at focus on those all week and really focus on doing simple things and doing them very well. So we're starting off with the left shoulder. So on a nice good left foot in nice and tight. Nice low Target. That's where our lower tackle. Yeah. Hi, my name is Nathan great. I'm one of the assistant coaches at the New South Wales waratahs want the guys to focus on a couple of things. First of all their tackle technique to make sure that they're getting nice and close getting really good shoulder contact and a good squeeze on that tackle. But also what they're doing post tackle whether it's an attacking perspective with the ball carrier focusing on getting back to his feet quickly and then conversely from a defensive perspective getting the defender to actually get back to his feet. And then cause a nuisance at that break now, okay, we're starting off with just that low tackle here. We want our Ball Carrier then on the ball back to your feet pick it up again. Cool. Let's go. Yeah chop chop chop up up up up up Jimmy back to your feet now and then pick it up. That's it back to your feet taller back to your feet then pick it up. Got to release it up. Hurry up up up. Yeah, excellent. Excellent couple of reps. That's all we want up up up up home Z try and get up and by and fight for that space good get that shoulder in nice and close Okay other side of the grid other side of the grid. I just want you to a couple Focus on the ball Taco carrier focus on the ball ball over there. Let's go Brooke see go up up up up up up on your feet Year lovely case lovely, you know that break down. There's so many of them in a game. If you can gain some ascendancy at that part of the game. You're going to go a long way towards, you know towards winning. So we want the tackle getting back to his feet and trying to buy that space over the ball. Let's go Up up up up up good back to your feet try and be a pest when you're on the deck now carrying just go and present that ball nice and long just to present it nice and long. That's it up up up up up. Yeah, great technique other side. Just want you to a couple. It's all we're doing here just promised ourselves up. Getting used to that contact good table back to your fate hansie back to your feet got we got we need to use this chance. This needs to be a real point of difference for us. We can do this better than anyone in the competition. Okay, we get our technique bang on can be a real point of difference for us. I spent a lot of time the breakdown area and contact skills. So we think if we can transfer those into the sevens games, it'll be a nice sort of