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Tackle Technique & Progressions

Introducing tackle technique to players is a challenging process and the Wasps coaches ensure the players understand and are competent at each step prior to progressing to the next one

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With tackle technique and especially with kids that are clearly talented rugby players. They knew all the answers. So it's just about refreshing that but with with all rugby players, I think progressions are a very important. If you jump straight into the final skill and throw about five key points that them, they probably won't get there. But if you do it in stages then I think that'll ease the learning and make it a bit easier for them to for it to stick with them for longer. We're going to have a little look at front on tackle technique. Okay. So these we're going to take it in turns. These guys are the tacklers first and we'll swap over after every stage. You tell me, what's the first stage of a front on tackle? What's the first thing you got to do? All right, get nice and close to them. Yeah. Okay what might the second stage that you might be thinking about? Okay. What are you going to put a particular foot forward or particular shoulder forward? Okay. All right. Let's have a go at that. Then what you're going to do this line. You guys walk towards you you guys walk towards them get close same foot same hand push the ball off. Okay go run back and then do the same thing with the other hand and hand and foot have a go and then swap over. Same foot same hand have a couple goes on each hand and swap over give the ball to the other side. What might be next Get Low. Okay. So now what we're going to do we're going to go same foot same shoulder. You're going to aim to just give a bit of a shoulder bump below the rug people so hold the rugby ball back there same foot same shoulder below the rugby will give him a bump go back and then do it off. You have a shoulder. Okay, let's go. Have a couple goes on each shoulder then give the ball to the other person. Through the rfu coaching stretch that they always teach you the coach through questions. I believe it's because it's cements the learning if they give you the answer, I think you if you Empower them with the answer then it's more likely to stick in their brains and then they can take it forward from there. Now. We're getting low what might be next. So again, okay, we might wrap our arms. Okay. So what we're going to do now person with the rugby ball or a new pitch the rug bought the top behind your back like this. Okay. Second man is going to come in you do that for me. Please pinch the ball at the top second bag come and go through your stages again. So same foot same shoulder Get Low then I want you to dislodge the rugby ball by punching it through the back. Okay, so you're going to punch your arms through and try and hit the ball out of his hands. Okay. Let's go. Let's give it a go. Defenders walk towards them. Try and dislodge that rubber ball. All right. We're almost there. What might be next the driver leg Drive. Okay, so similar to the stuff you're just doing over there when you're getting back on the floor. You want to give them a leg drive because the thing when front on tackle is what you trying to do push them back. Stop that momentum. Okay kill their game plan, right? So this time we'll go through the stages. Just hold the Rope pulls in front of you this time. Same foot same shoulder Get Low wrap their arms around. Okay, then maybe pick him up and give him a drive back a few stages right happy. Let's go. Keep them up off the ground for now. Make sure you're working both shoulders all the time. Remember get lower than the rugby ball. Now, what would obviously be next you keep driving until they end up on the ground yet fellas. If we go over it. We're gonna have some one-on-one live tackling now you tackle it when he's on the ground hands on the boards. If you were in that game, once you've done that check background this code and then you do the same thing again. Let's give them a demo then fellas. Let's get All right. Okay, you got the idea. Let's go. What an interesting mix are the last two tackles come out? I think it was just stuff that did the second one you both recovered which is plus points you both you went up really really fast. You probably didn't go up fast enough. Do you want to be going one speed straight to have also also you don't want to go full speed because then what is it going to make it easy for them to do step? Okay, so you want to controlled approach right? You don't want to be going full speed you've controlled approach? Yeah. Okay. So if you have to slow down like little feet to get yourself set and do so, but with tackle technique and especially with kids that are clearly talented rugby players, they knew all the answers. So it's just about refreshing that that piece of advice. Keep them actively having fun. Because you got to keep him active if there stood around waiting in line to do slowly passing drill and they go get bored and fun is the number one reason why everyone plays rugby so the kids not having fun, then you're doing something wrong.