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Create Opportunities for Success

We all prefer to have enjoyable training sessions. By including small-sided game and skills challenges, you provide more opportunities for your players to succeed, which in turn increases the enjoyment and benefit of the session.

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How do they improve the improved by going out into the training field the improved by doing that in not so pressurized a situation, you know working on the basic skills, and then you increase the pressure and sometimes you can do that in training sometimes, you know, you can actually copy what matchday situations and you've then got to get them into whether it's your a team game or your senior game on a Saturday and hopefully the lessons you've learned what you've done in training they can do again at our on a Saturday. I think probably the most important thing is is to be inclusive to make sure that everybody gets an opportunity and to be really positive with players. Reducto recession for Junie players, I would stick to one kick for several weeks several sessions to really hone the basics of that before moving on to something else grub. Kick July. When would you use it generally may be washed up and you've got no numbers not if no advance. Okay. Alright, so you want to got no sweeper lines flat in your first year and you can just angle it in behind. All you want you to do now is try and judge the paste and the number of bounces you want to point the ball. So if I'm going to say it to you by 2 and I can get it to bounce twice before it kicks up to July. That's a point to me. So I'm going to say to all right. Philly who takes it Sale of one here twice in the last three visits the little chips through there from Cipriani. It's been for Oscar little to me how many one? Okay, I've got a bear in mind that they are young and that enjoyment factor is really important to keep them in the games.