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Coach Player Rapport

Do you understand the significance of 'Rapport" and how this can influence how good a coach you are. Elite coaches, experts and pundits provide a clear view of how important this is

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The degree of rapport between you as a coach, your co-coaches, perhaps your director of rugby, perhaps the parents perhaps the supporters is absolutely critical You've got quality individuals, but that's not good enough. I think you've got to be as one and I think that's not just your players, but it's a coaches as well. Everybody's got to buy into your goals in a team game. You've got to have everybody maybe not at the same skillset everybody heading in the same direction trying to get the same end goal whether it's playing to a game plan and everybody sticking to that. If you do that and pretty much if younger the more skillful team in the world, you'll win 30% of your games by everybody being Collective and pushing for the common goal. You know, you player's your number one priority you have to make sure the messages that come from the coaches a Enterprise in the right way and equally the message from the players are getting back to coaching the right way making sure that everyone not necessarily everybody's happy because not everyone's always happy but making sure that it's the best outcome for the organization. If you're not in rapport you don't understand how they're thinking you can't modify your style. If as a coach you've only got your way and it's your way or the highway that's where you may end up on the highway on a fast track out of the club anything that you think you enjoy doing that you think you want to do more since the sessions that we did yesterday. I was a rugby player but today guys are going to play tennis for 20 minutes to warm up or today guys are going to play keepy uppies or five or side. It's that simple it really is that simple and if you're trying things that you think should be fun and they work in great if they're not working then you're wrong and that's fine because everyone's wrong about something so ask them what they want to do ask them. What they think would be fun. Do they want to do four laps of the pitch stretching Each corner? Like they've been doing for a hundred years. Do they want to do oakland grids do they want to do high knees and heel flicks, you know, two or three times a week for the rest of their bloody lives. Not everybody wants to do that do something else, you know by a couple of mountain bikes have a relay race or whatever it is do whatever you like climb a tree but, you know find out what they want to do and listen to them because you know coaches should be there for their team. They're not there for themselves. It's partly themselves course it is because they enjoy it. But if you want to breed a successful team for me, they got to buy in they got to feel like you're listening to them. It's actually critical you have the Teacher see things from other people's perspective. So as a coach, I really recommend that you start thinking less about yourself and more about the people you're coaching observe them closely. Watch what sort of car they drive. How did their parents drop them off? What sort of background away from how do they speak? What's their views on things really get inside their head really good coaches are in fantastic rapport with the players the coaches and the people around because when you understand what's going on in your players head to your performance heads. You've got the power because you can motivate Inspire and you can do it quickly and Under Pressure report is critical enjoy that last game boys. Yeah, enjoy the session very pleased to hear. What have you picked up from it? support angles of running attacking ship Listen to the man outside fun. Listen to us. Listen twice as much as you talk. Thank you very much. Such good session well done.