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Conor OShea - What are the key attributes of a coach

Conor O Shea gives his thoughts on what makes an effective rugby coach

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You know, I'd probably be bored because I'll say the same thing to me. It is a level dependent issue. I think heck of a lot of patience when you're when you're younger probably patients in a different way when you're older because the patients will be really drilling down to young players about what the key principles the key skills and that you know, you hear a lot about whole part whole coaching, you know, you let someone pass then you break that skill down and then you let them pass again. That is so important when you're dealing with young players it Still Remains. So as you get up to the levels coaching doesn't become defunct but it becomes a different sort of coaching and I think you have to have a greater knowledge and I'm talking here from a professional perspective. You have to have a greater knowledge of a Management Group where there are loads of different component parts dealing with the player and there's a difference between the director of rugby my role and a head coach, so As a roles and responsibilities of what people do but you know, that's what I would say in terms of that coaching. You just have to have patience at all levels a huge amount of knowledge and a huge amount of passion and drive to go over the same things again and again and again and just don't get to eight do your Basics, right?