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Drift Defence from Breakdown

After starting with a defence-focused game, this drill can be used to focus on organising a drift defence from the breakdown. The four defenders touch all cones in the tackle area to simulate chaos before getting into position.

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You have to put what in first at the breakdown guards. Okay. So regardless of how many players you've gotten how many players they've got you have to put a left guard and a Right Guard your scoring downhill on the try line. Okay, and I'm going to tell you how many attacker going. So I'm going to hold up a number that many attack are going to attack. So you need a scrum-half to pick the ball up and play it and then the rest of the players. Yeah defense. So first for is going to be 1 2 3 4 You for when I say go you have to touch every cone in your four square box. Okay. Yeah, go defense attack set yourselves up go when you're ready Ali. Touch that go to ground good. So the group that I've got today are the 15 16 year-old so that oldest group that we've got in Camp. We were doing looking at defensive shape the point. I was trying to hammer home was that they needed to they need to defend from the inside out. So that means from the breakdown where the ball is that's where the they're honing their defense and then they're going to let the attack go white if they need to so the four cones simulated a breakdown and the fact that the players were just running around like little bumblebees was just a disorientate them. And then as soon as the attack went I wanted them to get their guards in either side and then the other two that were in the defense to Fan out go defense. Go attack. Yes Soleil. Touch that you've got two more touches to play. Who should you be marking? Where should you be? You need the ball at the breakdown. Perfect example School top take it back up Eric. You're going to go on my second go. Okay defense. You're going on my first Ali you ready go defense. Go attack. Mike have you got good touch that play from their defensive you got. That's there. You've got one more Tim. Don't play it away. You got touched. You see there's a few examples when they do it really well and they've got their heads up early. So it's a practice for them coming up from a tackle. They've got it back on their feet and join a defensive line or it's been a turnover and they've got to go from Attack to defense. So it's kind of just I was trying to disorganize them a little bit more put them in a slightly more organized in terms of a drill session for just have a look at it again. Sometimes they know what they need to do, but they just don't always do it. So it's a case of asking them the question. Where should you be? Well, I should be in the guard position or close to the breakdown. So why weren't you there? I don't know do it again and then they get it, right? Okay, boys where we marking first inside? Okay, even if you come out of this area and they've got 20 people in front of you. Where is the threat? Why is the ball is here? Okay, so don't worry about all the players. They've got out why? Care if they score out wide, I don't want them screwing in the middle under the post happy with that. Yeah. Good go. Tackle and put the ball down Mike play from there. Okay. So it was much better drift Carlos is the Spanish guy in the white T-shirt just got outpaced tackle their tackle that Ronnie put the ball down defense. Where are we? Okay, really good defense. Why was it good? We stay close don't you grabbed ahold of Tim and organize them in the break down, which is perfect. Okay, what else was really good right at the end drift drift drift was accent. Why was it so good? Here's Eric on my inside tell me too. Yeah. Okay, so there's loads of talk if I'm pushing out in Defence Eric's on my inside and he says nothing what will I have to do? We have to stay in and have a look at him. Are you? Okay? Have you got this person if he's talking do I need to look at him? I can just drift. Yeah push tomorrow push tomorrow. I can take my outside person. So even if you're not a hundred percent sure who you've got if you can talk left and right and defends it makes it so much easier bartender. Let them have a go at it. Let them work out what they've done wrong or right tell me and then let them go again so that they can solidify the good habits. I think there's again there's a fine balance because they'll get really bored. If you do the same small drill with a group of any age kids. They're going to get really bored. So I try and any Count into drills for five minutes five or six minutes give everyone a couple of goes each and then track it straight back into a game. So it's taking the game a little bit of it that I wanted to work on which was the guard the tight defense in terms of organization and then getting back into a game straight away so you don't have to do it in that way, but I think it still needs to be broken down to a little bit more concentrated but it's got to go back into the game to show relevance. It was evident in the second part of the game that they nobody got through around the around the closed area. So the the defense had started putting their guards in which meant that they were pushing the attacker bit wider.