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JWC 2012: Defence

Statistics from the 2012 JWC show that teams with stronger defences performed better.

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At the 2012 Junior World Championship in South Africa, the teams were stronger defenses before Bethel. This means that squads know investing more time on efficient offense and that turnovers are considered just as important as set-piece. It may also be a result of more defense coaches filtering down from high levels of the game. The stats show that South Africa who won the tournament had the best offense their opponents needed on average 27 minutes of possession to score a try whereas Scotland's opponents in less than 4 Wales who came third scored almost 70% of their tries from ball obtained inside the opponent's 22. They opted to kick and defend rather than run the ball. What does this mean for coaches defense is easy to improve if players are taught the correct techniques at a younger age. It can be difficult to coach if kids are unsure on contact. Therefore. It's a good idea to progress slowly and involve fun activities along with technical points promote the fun and satisfaction of making a good tackle coaches have seen your bananas should consider the advances in technical skills and games that Elite coaches use for technique organization and wind speed.