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Structure & principles of how to coach defence

A brief overview of the importance of strong defensive structure and some basic exercises to build it.

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Teams not investing more time in the fence as it becomes an increasingly important elements of modern rugby. The young South African team that won the 2012 Junior World Championships had such a strong defense that their opponents leader on average 27 minutes of possession to score a try. Many teams are opting to kick deep confident that their defense can force a turnover and provide an attacking platform further at the field. The coaches defense is easier to improve if players are taught the correct techniques to young age. It can be difficult to coach of players are unsure up contact therefore. It's a good idea to progress slowly and involve fun activities promote the fun and satisfaction of making a good tackle. When the tackling Essentials are covered organization is the next priority in this drill players are practicing moving forward together as a line and then backtracking while keeping an eye on the attackers. Games such as kick out touch with reduced numbers in defense simulates a counter-attack situation. Pleasant learn how to fill space with your numbers It's also a great attacking practice for the opposition. You can break this down to having two Defenders versus three attackers. They can practice holding their drift until the ball is moved and then communicating with each other to push out. Again, this is a good test the attackers to try and fix their man. You'll find plenty of ideas on the defense section of our CD to join for free go to rugby coach and and click on register.