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British Bulldogs - Defence game

The classic schoolyard game. Played full contact but with tackle pads. Attackers must get to the other side of the field without dropping their ball or being pinned to the ground by defenders with tackle pads.

Video Subtitles

This game for the ball carries. What is it? Dodge them sidestep look for space. Okay. Now this team has started to think Courtney's going to be lots of fun out there working as a defensive line now exactly what we want don't go you don't repent down British bulldogs is obviously a fun activity and there's a couple of things really for the attack and defense. So the attack obviously is evasion skills sidestep. We work a lot in the sidestepping work for the guys Zone in the week. So they could use that in their sort of game related activity and find out where the spaces as well because obviously there's going to be space out there and that sort of game for the defense and they had Shields you can see it's pretty physical but there was still work as individuals not as a team and we art with many many times trying to get Scoffs hat goes a line. So it makes it harder for the attackers to run through but as you can see sort of this lots of energy lots of excitement and that all went out the window, but they've got it a few times and they worked as a team of the communicated in a defensive line. So there's a real good messages their defensive stuff communication and work with your teammates around you and for the attack sidestep handoff evasion, look whether spaces and then obviously acceleration and everything that goes with, you know running rugby.