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Review to Improve

Premiership Rugby coaches explain how reviewing is changing the game. Using video can help the learning process, reinforce game plans and improve players.

Video Subtitles

I think reviewing is the massive biggest part of the job, you know, both reviewing the games and and how the coaching sessions have gone and make sure you sit down with the players and talk them through it as well because everyone is very aware that you get limited time with your players on a training field. and so you have to make the most of every minute you get with them. And the only way to do that is to maximize the times you can rewatch The training sessions and rewatch the games and get as much learning done off the pitch as you can and as everyone will tell you its probably the biggest learning tool we've got as coaches is good quality video and good quality analysis. I think a huge huge change in rugby over the last few years has been where analysis both of yourselves pre match opposition analysis, post match our own analysis. It's becoming an absolutely essential part in the analysis analyst is now a hugely important member of the coaching. Not just a management team. We review every training session. We review that session with the players as well afterwards for the coaches will review its right away afterwards. And then after that they'll review that with the players the following day or or immediately afterwards. So it's important to review sessions. If you don't then you won't learn my tackle doesn't finish until three meters behind him. Joe Simpson to use it there goes their Jackson getting the team to understand what the system is on the Blackboard before they go out and then Implement in that system and you know, it's helpful if they have got one or two coaches who've one can stand back and watch people coming out of line and stuff. But generally the use of videos good for coaches at all levels if they can if you've got that ability because you can then play it back and show kids or amateur players what they're doing wrong and again technique tackle technique, you know, making sure you go low get your head on the right side get your arms around.