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Keep It Fresh

Doing the same thing week in week out isn’t good for anyone. The players will get bored and may lose interest in training. You can make sessions more fun by mixing it up and throwing in fresh ideas. This cone game is different, original and is great for building communication skills in defence.

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Becomes boring sometimes that's why the coaches have to invent do drills, but you don't do the same thing every every day every single day games as well. We're all competitive people, you know, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing before weren't so soon as you say it's going to be a competition. Everyone gets excited. I saw someone doing it with chairs and it's a little bit like, you know, almost like a Christmas game that people did with chairs. And so I thought we can bring this into the picture and so so yeah, so we the currents get disabuse out and someone's gotta get to a cone and then it's about communicating it's about actually what you're saying because it's really short time period so Communications got to be really concise. You've got to want to see something before it happens rather than standing watching the ball as often players doing games explode come this way away from the other cones. So let's just randomize. The cones randomize does not mean a circle. So randomize the cones. So Porter is going to try and push foot on a cone hee. Put his foot on a cone that one of you has your foot on already. I really know you still gained. I really like this solution. That's not a cone down me. That's not a cone. I like it though. You really should lie with their snow jar great work. Hey, that was good. Jordan's you're the first person to ever suggest that for this game for me. Personally. I like a bit of fun. I was just saying to the girls that especially at their age and any age really bad, especially when you're young it's got to be fun.