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What makes a winning team

We asked Premiership Coaches what they thought made a winning team. You may be surprised by some of the answers

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You've got up quality individuals, but that's not good enough. I think you've got to be as one and I think that's not just your players, but it's a coaches as well. Everybody's got to buy into your goals. So they've got to be set beforehand. Everybody's got to have that aspiration and work towards those goals that you set and your them set the processors up and if you've got a good team if you've got good coaches, you've got everybody working towards the same goal that then I think that makes a good team and our captain and it works out, you know, really excited because he's another person is incredibly well. Do you know credibly driven to be successful? He's only 24 is played over a hundred times to the club 20 out times for England is a very special talent though. He'll Captain a different way, but then suddenly you've got leaders George Robson Nick Easter and the Kevin's Danny care Joe Marcus robshaw leaders all over the pitch. What you ultimately want everyone helping each other but everyone driving and it's important that your captain sets that example, and I'm no doubt that you'll do that. The question everybody asks in the in World sport, but what you've got to have is a is in a team game. You've got to have everybody maybe not at the same skill set. But everybody heading in the same direction trying to get the same end goal whether it's playing to a game plan and everybody sticking to that. If you do that and pretty much if young of the most skillful team in the world, you'll win 30% of your games by everybody being Collective and pushing for the come and go you have to have very good players to be a winning team. But what academic coaches bring in top of that they are to one of the good players. There are very few successful teams who have bad players with good coaches, but there are many teams who have very good players and not so good coaches the great teams have very good players and very good.