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Sevens - Uncovered - Defence

The leading international coaches explain why defence is so important and how much emphasis they put on it. This clip features a variety of tackles and techniques and post good defence the opportunity to turn the ball over. Most coaches will use a system for their defence and here are some insights

Video Subtitles

Unbelievable. Well, this is brilliant defense coming up in Fiji. The undoubted try scoring flamboyant Sancho on a seventh field winning matches and tournaments often comes down to one thing defense. Japan to face of that but from Lee Williams brilliant uncle there from Tom Hunter feel save the certain try one side that punches well above its weight and World Series ranking in defense is Wales. A lot of our sessions are in that defense because you got some excellent attackers in this game. You got some great steppers and once I've always gone past you is not a famous switch off as if they were switch on and I think defense is an attitude of mind got to go forward. So it's all working too hard off of work and yourself in a position where you can keep yourself square and it can make those tackles and make yourself bigger Defender. You're going it. I can't back a little bit of a confrontation and choose the right time to do it. So low the decision for these boys to make and a lot of pressure. So make such a Greek in the watch. The three tri-nations Giants are among the very best with South Africa's swarming defense ranked second in the world. I think is really important and when it comes to do winning tournaments that your defensive effort is going to be is going to take you home is where you're going to make you win tournaments make you win finals first and foremost, you know is just to get yourself into space it all depends. You know, how you want to manipulate the space and how are you want to get to know you on a cloud quickly when I close the space different things are using different techniques seems like England, for example, I mean, they they closing the space very quickly. They try to shut you down and try to force you to make contact you need to areas where they have the numbers in just to make the turnovers New Zealand are very effective in going, you know, almost like an outside-in for the inside players to make the Heat and for the sweepers to start competing for the ball as well. So I think the first principle basically defense for us is about closing spice and once you're there you have to make your first on tackle. Defense is an attitude thing. The first priority is to get him on the ground. So your chance of turning over the ball with a low cackle a good a good low aggressive tackle. It's about starting a fire down don't really care how you do it, but you get up and shutting down and take his time and space away from me. And with those wide open spaces, there is no hiding place in separate. Everyone has to tackle. One of the key things is that defense you need to stay connected. So you need to all be on the same sheet on however you're going to defend if you're blitzing or you're going up hard or you have a combination of Defense. Everybody needs to know what they're doing and then is down to individual technique. They go put their Manta floor and execute those one-on-one tackles. And when it comes to that one team is still better than all the others the kings of D, uz to win tournaments that's all about defense. If your defenses write a text generally takes care of itself, you know, we're really disappointed when we later. I try through we quite our like, you know wearing that Jersey means a lot to us that we don't try and let the opposition, you know through but there are times we get broken but we you know, we don't drop our heads it's about you know, flushing that and putting a heads up and pushing on and the fence is all about communication and Communications them is about confidence and he get those three qualities right going to have lived a good tournament. River and I think whatever team so yeah communication defenses shoot.