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Introducing a defensive System

This exercise focuses on the key elements of a strong defensive system, including scanning, line-speed and staying linked with your team mates.

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Sighs a defensive drill. It's actually a tackle technique drill, its of defensive system drill. So we had five five defenders in with three attacking bags. The bags were given a number. So the players didn't know which one was going to attack. So ultimately what we ended up with was the defensive team scanning and having to effectively we actor who ever came into their defensive line. We actually made three columns. So we had a start point for the attack start point for the defense and we almost had a no man's land or a sort of a goal area in the middle. So middle Channel what were effectively awesome place to do is if it stops the same place if the attacker attack at full speed on the defensive defending at full speed we should probably get to that middle ground at the same time challenge for the defense is how far into the No Man's Land. Can they get how far up the pitch can they defend the team basically? So that's the idea of how in that middle Zone where it's almost that's the target. So how many meters and to keep them out? We obviously to start with just wanted to get the light speed and the connection and the spacing then we bought the ball into it. So we took the pads away and rather than being prescriptive and telling the pad which one was going to attack when they got to that no man's land area. We brought the ball in with the first receiver and two Runners outside by giving five Defenders against three attackers. Ultimately. What should happen is we shouldn't be cut through the middle. We might be cut around the outside because people will perform will step in possibly. But ultimately what we're hoping for is that we stay we keep our line Integrity in the middle of the field giving us five against three gives us confidence and means that we can we can be confident that a group of we can push off the line and we can make sure we keep our connections and that we ultimately as I said, it's not a tackle drill, but the idea is to shut the gaps that they would be coming through if I get hit pretty much as a catch it or second after I caught it it's going to make me uncomfortable. Okay, if I'm feeling the pressure that point it'll got time to catch the ball. And then reset and adjusted attack. I'm much more comfortable and they're from a far more dangerous attack now, our job is pretty easy to get a life and get off the line as hard as we can. We can then make those adjust clock go at a thousand miles an hour all the way through the tap we can eat up the ground really quick that makes sense. Take space take time away from the attacker boys, and they're in trouble.