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Quick fire Attacking Game

This is a great game to keep players engaged by constantly testing their decision-making and execution in attack. Essentially, it's a 4 v 2 game where the attackers always have the advtantage, but they still have to make good decisions to score. It is a high-tempo game that requires the attackers to turn around and attack again straight after scoring.

Video Subtitles

Who's the defender in the middle? Good better competition. Are we just going to count last one? We'll decide what's going to happen with you the end of the session. Yeah, the one who stays in the middle of the longest. I'll count the numbers really don't go here in Jake. Let's go go go. Yeah, oh you hit the idea Indian. That's four. Cameron Eun go whoo-hoo engine woohoo Like at Tyler now, he's good five. That's five six Eyes on Fire. 79 come on mate put pressure on him eyes in a video. You have people that help you by Sosa Donnelly. So you want to push yourself to the Limit because you want to achieve this. Defenders back to the currents you guys back to the line and it's just through the hands-free V2. Yeah. Yeah ready go. Okay, so why do you think that didn't work don't Telegraph play the picture. Come on numbers up ready free to go now ice like that.